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Zarmaloux and Bike Rides

My friend Yann made this artwork while traveling on a bicycle across the globe. He and his traveling bicycle circus troupe Zarmaloux stayed with me for a few days when they were in California. They started in France and are currently in China. You can read about all of their adventures on their blog. If you don’t speak French, then you can look at the pictures or translate all the text online. They’re a fun bunch to keep track of.

It’s been two years since they began their journey across the globe, which means they haven’t had a permanent address for a couple of years now. Their prediction is that they’ll be home in two years, but the original plan was to be back in France by now, so who knows. It makes me think of my relationship with my current house, and how attached I get to locations. I mean, I get so attached to places that I began writing to physical locations, not actual people. Anyway, here is a picture of them sleeping in the living room of my old house. Along with the photo of us all posing on the couch, it’s one of my only photos in that home.

Also, here are two more of Yann’s drawings.


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