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The House Randy Grew Up In

Here is a great post by Randy over at Genea-Musings about the house he grew up in. It was built by his great-grandparents on 30th Street in San Diego, sometime before the 1900s.

Here’s an excerpt from his post:

“I grew up in the second story flat at 2119 30th Street. It had two bedrooms and a sun room on the south side (over the porch). My family moved in in 1947 after my brother was born. We initially shared the bedroom in the southeast corner. My mother did her artwork, pottery and copper enameling in the sunroom. There was only one bathroom on the east side of the flat, with a bathtub (no shower until about 1960). One of my hideouts was the cubby-hole over the entry staircase – I could watch the street and not be seen by anyone inside or outside.

When my youngest brother was born in 1955, my brother and I moved into the sun room. My dad built a long desk and we had a stand-alone closet. From our bedroom, we could see the buildings in downtown San Diego, the end of Polint Loma and occasionally ships at sea. My father’s desk was in the entry way at the top of the stairs. A wall heater was also in the office – a very popular place on cool mornings. The dining room had a large bookcase and a large dining room table.
From about 1951, the downstairs flat at 2115 30th was rented to tenants. There were several long term tenants who enjoyed the hand-built rooms. I loved going downstairs and seeing the living room, den and dining room especially.”

One comment on “The House Randy Grew Up In

  1. bernadinesytiong
    July 17, 2012

    I love Randy’s old house! The image of home indeed! I had two houses when I was a child. There’s a very big mall to where my older house, which was a part of many houses connected, used to be. And I kind of frequently go to that mall and always remember, this is the spot where I used to live 🙂

    your partner in the Follow Me swap 🙂

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