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The House Where Bob Grew Up

Here is a great post from the blog Letters To My Kids.

”  I remember every square inch of the house I grew up in.  I guess that will happen after you spend 20 years in a place.

But I probably recall the details so well more because of when I lived there – as a child – than because of how long.  Early in life, everything registers, makes a deep impression, shapes you.

And so it was with our house.  It was pretty much the first home I ever had – I’m discounting the one-bedroom apartment on Sheridan Avenue in the Bronx that my parents and I occupied for my first two-and-a-half years.

I arrived in our house in Fair Lawn before turning three, in 1954, and left it a month after my 23rd birthday, in May, 1975 (I leave out two years of college spent in Boston right after high school).

In a sense, for the longest time, that house in Fair Lawn, that post-World War II split-level, with its three bedrooms upstairs and sloping front lawn, was my whole universe.

My room was directly across from our second bathroom, right off the stairs, the first stop on the second floor.  Down the hall, straight to the end, then to the left, lived my sister (did I mention her room was larger than mine, in the corner, with windows on two walls rather than one?).  Catty corner to her room was where my parents slept, complete with private bathroom and shower. ”

You can read the rest here.


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